It was hard out in the single streets due to the Covid 19 pandemic and having a dating life during a lockdown seemed unrealistic. Many were caught asking: "How can I find love in the middle of a pandemic?"
In 2020 the country was on lockdown and forced to stay inside which made it harder to meet potential prospects. Many threw in the towel and figured they would never find love again, at least not until the pandemic was over. Well, how long was that going to be? Was it going to be a few months, the rest of the year, or maybe longer?
I admit I was one of the people who thought the pandemic had totaled ruined my love life. However, I quickly realized that I could still find love virtually. No, not the DM messages from the guys over in Africa or the sugar daddies looking for sugar babies! There have been numerous singles groups and chat rooms created in the Facebook community and beyond that are great tools to connect with like-minded individuals. Of course, dating sites and apps are still here to stay. The number of dating profiles created increased significantly on all dating apps such as Tinder, Match, Zoosk, and Eharmony, and others.
While online dating was already popular before the emergence of Covid, it became a necessity for the usual naysayers who were afraid to date online. Are you one of those who are afraid to get catfished or hesitant about wasting your time on those that you will not have a connection with? If so there is still hope for you with the video chatting feature. No more wondering if the nice guy with the great conversations and sweet compliments is the same cutie on the profile pic and no more wondering how the attraction will be when the two of you meet up face to face. You can also expand your scope by meeting people in other cities too; not just your hometown. The video chatting feature is so awesome as you can kill two birds with one stone. It cuts down on catfishing and makes the first encounter less awkward since you guys are looking at each other through the screen instead of in person.
Another app that is making history is Bumble and it's unique because the women get to make the first move on the men that interest them. Now that's female empowerment at its finest and I am intrigued that I can pick out a man on my terms and hope that he is interested too. It’s much easier and less complicated than going through a series of inboxes with lame messages such as Hey sexy, good morning beautiful, and other words that don’t spark my attention at all. Even actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish took to Bumble earlier last year so if she can do it, doesn’t sound too bad to me.
So yes there can still be hope for your life love even in 2021. It may not be the way you imagined it but get creative with it! When you meet that special man that you are interested in, try some virtual dates! Make it flirty and fun by watching the same movie (in separate homes) or painting portraits together (in separate homes) and have him order food and have it delivered to you while you guys eat, laugh, and enjoy each other's company on Zoom or Facetime. It may sound corny to some but it's a twist on dating which makes it more fun and interesting. Now I know some want that personal interaction so if that is you, maybe you could invite him over only after multiple video chats and background/ criminal checks have been completed on him. If you opt for this I would recommend him wearing a mask, having his temperature taken, and possibly showing you with negative Covid testing results. (IT MAY SEE LIKE MUCH BUT WE ARE NOT PLAYING WITH THE RONA FOR NOBODY) No matter how you do it, just know that you can still find love in 2021 sisters and brothers too! I mean you can’t expect for a man to magically appear at your front door. Sometimes you have to take risks to find love. Reopen your heart and adjust to the new dating world order and PRAY on it. What’s meant for you; will be for you. I am personally rooting for all the singles this year with myself included.

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